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Why we Create created Platform?

I was an employee of construction company I saw that peoples were very ambitious to build their Houses, it was like life time achievement, but in maximum cases they were facing lots of hurdles to fulfil this achievement. First phase in this process is How they can design their house according to they are dreaming, second phase is construction and Finishes of House and Third stage is decorating of house. An inexperience person never choice a right professional and quality material within their budget which fulfill their requirements. In this aspect client made his decision based on the referral observation of his friend or relative or colleagues, who refer him to some professionals. They will rate him very high but at the time of implementation, client start thinking professionals are just reasonable, product quality is average and they are losing money as well. So, we thinking to create a platform where peoples can find their right choices (Professional) and quality products (Construction Materials) through one platform. Now no need to take any unprofessional advice. Peoples can find right professional for right job thought our platform without paying any fee for using this platform. We create a pool of Professional related to design and construction services on our plate. You can just visit our platform and post a request on Hire Professional services form, we will help you to find right professional for your job or you can choose own his own from required category Like Architecture design, A list of architects is showing with their current projects and Clients reviews rating. We provide the best experience for home construction, renovation and design, connecting Building owners, Building professionals and Material vendors with the best tools and resources. Masoners is an online platform dedicated to home construction, renovation and design. We bring together homeowners, home professionals, sellers of home goods, and design enthusiasts. Through Masoners, people can find or offer design ideas, advice, products and services related to home Construction, renovation and design. Masoners. A place to browse and save beautiful photos of inspiring homes. A place to find and hire the right design and construction professionals.