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TERMS & CONDITIONS FOR PROFESSIONALS is connecting building professionals with the public to boost their business. There is no commitment for confirmed clients/projects because it depends on the public choice to select.
We are establishing direct link between professional & end-user, therefore we are not responsible for any revenue generation through ““Platform.
Commission Percentage: All design professionals are bound to pay 10% amount, all Construction companies or Turnkey Contractors are bound to pay 1% amount of the total revenue or contract value and All the contractors are bound to pay 5% of the revenue or contract amount as commission to Masoners(Private)Limited. after the confirmation of contract with client.
For contractors Minimum Commission value is Rs. 50,000 thousand.
Professionals have to buy subscription fee separately as per company policies.
After registration or sign up, client have to select one of the subscription packages to create their profile, upload project and contact details for direct relation with customers. Subscription fee is based on the packages buy by the professionals. Monthly, Quarterly, and semiannual and annual packages are displayed in subscription module.
Masoners registration is lifetime each professional/ category.
Masoners will receive predetermined percentage of project deal from your company other than subscription Fee if company will recommend customer.
Professionals must upload five to ten project pictures for better approach for customers, about us with complete company details at through professional login user. Professional is allowed to upload their projects details in future as well.
Client can change their portfolio, rates, & pictures by sending us a request on letterhead or via approved email of the company.
We shall not be responsible for any dispute/ transaction or commitments between your company and the public (your client). We don’t have any refund policy for Subscription Fee.